Giving to Adon Olam

Giving is our expression of gratitude to G-d for all that He has done for us and all that we believe He will do for us in the future.  It can take many forms.  We can give of our time, money, and talents.  We give of ourselves and our possessions out of love, not out of compulsion.

Giving to Other Organizations

Not all charitable organizations are equal.

The following is a list of organizations that collect donations to support people in Israel.  Some of these organizations are Messianic and have a foundation of sharing the Messiah and/or aiding believers in Israel.  Others, like the two below, simply send aid to Israel without sharing the hope that is found in Messiah.

IFCJ is an organization created by a traditional Jewish Rabbi (Yechiel Eckstein) for the purpose of allowing Christians to provide support to Israel. This is accomplished through donations to the following causes:
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  • Guardians of Israel – Guardians of Israel is a program to alleviate the suffering of poor Israelis, help those who have lost family members in terrorist attacks and help to prevent future attacks. We fund initiatives that provide needy Israelis with food, housing, childcare, and language and job training.
  • On Wings of Eagles – With large-scale emigration finally possible, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews launched a new major program, On Wings of Eagles, to transport these [former Soviet Union] Jews on Freedom Flights to the Holy Land. To date, hundreds of thousands of Soviet Jews have made aliyah (emigrated to Israel) through this initiative.
  • Isaiah 58 – Isaiah 58 provides elderly Soviet Jews with food and other necessities. This aid is administered through the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), whose network provides communal meals, food packages, meals-on-wheels, in-home care, medical assistance and heating fuel. The program also offers companionship and hope to sustain recipients souls.
  • Stand for Israel – Stand for Israel aims to engage people both spiritually and politically on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people, by encouraging them to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and providing them with the facts they need to advocate for the Jewish state and fight anti-Israel bias in media.

It should be noted that there is no mention of sharing of the Gospel in the above descriptions. If a believer feels led to give to a ministry that does not share the Gospel, it is his/her choice and AOMC encourages them to follow the L-rd’s leading.

This organization was started by John Hagee. It is another group taking donations from Christians in support of Israel. This organization emphasizes support for Israel but deemphasizes sharing the Gospel. AOMC has submitted a list of questions to this organization, but has thus far not received a response.

If a believer desires to give to ministries that perform similar activities to those above, but with an emphasis on sharing the Gospel or helping believers, several options are provided below:

MJIF is a ministry of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA). The primary goal of the MJIF is to be a witness to the nations of the love and support Yeshua’s followers have for one another by helping to meet the needs of Messianic believers in Israel. The primary purpose of the MJIF is to be a source of aid into Israel to assist Messianic Jewish families, individuals, small businesses, ministries and congregations. Funds received by the MJIF are used to meet basic needs such as Hebrew Bibles and other literature for spiritual growth, temporary living expenses, emergency aid, ministry equipment, etc. The MJIF also provides small temporary funds for those who have made aliyah (permanent move) to Israel. The MJIF Board members are all volunteers and no salaries are paid to those working in this ministry.

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Launched in 2002,, is the benevolence arm of Maoz Israel Ministries to help the hurting Messianic Believers of Israel — terror victims, widows, orphans, those economically depressed as a result of the terrorism, war or other adversity. The emphasis is on helping believers in Israel who are in dire straits.

ISWI aids Israeli Messianic Jews and Arab Christians — assisting those facing adverse circumstances, and helping the needy with medical and emergency aid.

ISWI grants scholarships for educational advancement in Hebrew language studies (for new immigrants), job skills and career courses, and university studies for Israeli Messianic Jews. ISWI also has a successful program offering scholarships in musical training to believing children and adults.
During celebrations such as Passover and the High Holidays, ISWI provides special food gifts through municipalities who are happy to partner with a Messianic organization such as Maoz. The gifts are given to Israel’s poor who are either living in cities vulnerable to enemy attacks or in depressed neighborhoods.

ISWI also provides legal aid for Messianic Jews in Israel who suffer from severe, relentless persecution and social injustice because of their faith in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah by anti-freedom of religion, ultra-Orthodox organizations. These organizations receive inflated government funding for their non-working population, and therefore have enormous amounts of money and time to harass and target Messianic Jews on a daily basis.

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In 1996, the MJAA began its outreach in Israel with subsidies to aid centers helping new immigrants from the former Soviet Union. In 2000, the MJAA significantly increased aid within Israel by importing containers of goods which are funded by individual donors, as well as organizations around the world. This massive amount of humanitarian aid is distributed through the our country-wide infrastructure. From hospital beds and equipment, to food, to furniture, to clothing and shoes, and so much more, the MJAA has helped orphans, widows, the homeless, disabled, soldiers, firefighters, and families all over Israel.

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Our vision is to be an oasis for Israel’s returning exiles and for her native-born sons and daughters. In the ancient Near East the oasis was an absolutely vital center of refuge, supply, healing, equipping and sending out. This vision is being fulfilled as:

  • A HUMANITARIAN AID CENTER, providing practical assistance to new immigrants, operating out of an industrial warehouse. We give refuge through short term housing, apartment search and employment counseling; and supply through the distribution of food, clothing, household items, toys and baby supplies.

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  • Congregational Planting – We are seeking to plant Messianic congregations in every city where there’s been a festival.
  • The Messianic Bible Institute – The first and only schools of their kind in Russia and Budapest, these Bible School were founded to train the first generation of leadership in the Messianic movement.
  • Humanitarian Aid – To date, over half a ton of medical supplies, equipment and vitamins have been distributed by Hear O Israel teams to hospitals in Kiev.
  • Literature for a New Life – We’ve been sharing Yeshua and meeting the needs of new believers through the development, printing and distribution of literature.
  • Return to Israel – Prophecy in action! In Jeremiah 16 it is prophesied that the Lord will bring the Jewish people back to Israel from the “land of the North.” The land directly to the north of Israel is Russia!

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